About Us


Magnet is one of the first companies to start commercial activities on the Ukrainian Internet. It has existed in its current form since September 2003. The founders of the company were Sergey Betsura and Oleksiy Panasyuk, well-known specialists in the professional environment, who stood at the origins of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

What we do

Magnet is currently a provider of media services on the Ukrainian Internet. We manage, develop and create new thematic Internet projects aimed at the mass consumer. And we provide our partners with advertising, information and media support among the target audience. Every day we create hundreds of informational materials that generate an avalanche of discussion of new products and services. Each of our projects allows the visitor to quickly get an answer to his question and discuss topics of interest with those who are interested in them.

Our values

  • Visitors
    The audience of each of our sites is unique. These are people with an active life position, representatives of the new generation, who are accustomed to receiving information from the Internet, and easily perceive everything new and advanced. The opinion of each of them is important to us, so we strive to increase our capabilities so that they correspond to the desires of our visitors.
  • Team
    We are especially proud of our friendly team of young and ambitious professionals who sincerely love their work. We have an open creative atmosphere, conducive to professional growth, the maximum disclosure of creative abilities and the achievement of new goals. We do not get hung up on one job, and we are sure that only a team of like-minded people can achieve great inspiring success, and work only brings real pleasure when it is interesting.
  • Partners
    Partnership for us is an energy environment that opens up new opportunities for the development of new projects and services. We value our partners and deeply respect their experience, achievements and needs.
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