oKino.ua is an Internet resource that is equally interesting for both real connoisseurs of cinema and those who just want to have a good time watching a good movie.

oKino.ua has existed since 2007. The site combines the following areas:

1) Movie database: (more than 500 thousand) with various media materials (frames, posters, trailers).

2) Daily Edition which publishes author’s materials about movies and series in the style of infotainment and explanatory journalism.

We respond to newsworthy events, give recommendations for viewing, discuss trends and high-profile phenomena in the world of cinema. The near-cinema life is covered in an ironic way, without “jaundice” and digging in the dirty linen of movie stars.

oKino.ua helps to navigate the mainstream cinema, to understand what is worth watching and what should not be wasted time.

The reader can both get useful information and relax by viewing galleries with fan art, photo reports and funny videos.

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