Website ringside24.com (old name boxnews.com.ua) was created by a group of enthusiasts in December 2002 and became the first specialized yuanet resource dedicated to Ukrainian and world boxing.

The site is also a news resource that offers readers the most recent and relevant news of Ukrainian and world boxing, and a strictly ordered database of boxing statistics, which includes tens of thousands of personalities and fights, and a colossal photo archive, and much more.

The site materials presented on the site will be of interest not only to the general fan base, who are interested only in the most famous names and resonant fights from the world of boxing, but will also not leave indifferent “hardcore” boxing fans who do not miss any remarkable events that one way or another related to fisticuffs.

One of the “chips” of the site are live broadcasts of many fights – both the most high-profile and simply interesting ones, which the Ringside24 team offers readers. Before each remarkable boxing show, links to its online broadcast are published on the main page of the site. Thus, site visitors have a unique opportunity to watch a wide variety of fights from all over the world live.


  • Project manager: Alexander Popov
  • Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Corresponding Editor, Photographer: Andrey Novak

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