(abbreviated gg) is one of the largest technology sites in Ukraine that talks about the latest in electronics, portable equipment and technologies in a discussion and entertaining way.

The backbone of a small editorial team is made up of professional editors with significant experience in IT journalism. The site has been in existence since January 2008 and is distinguished by comments (sometimes caustic and ironic) by editors, while most thematic resources are limited to a dry presentation of facts.

Editorial gg professes an informal approach to the creation of texts and, in addition to news, works with various formats of journalistic materials – from technical reviews to popular science articles on current topics.

All site materials are copyrighted, reflecting the point of view of a particular editor or the entire editorial staff as a whole on certain events, market trends or products.


  • Chief editor: Sergey Mityaev
  • Nephew of Darth Vader: Technoslav Bergamot
  • Editor: Alexander Chub

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